Gordon Research Conference

Angelica Rodrigueznews

June 7-12 Dr. Giddings and Angelica attended the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Coastal Ocean Modeling. GRCs are intended for a small number of participants to present and discuss new, unpublished research. The environment fosters interaction between senior and junior scientists, as well as graduate students. Sessions are geared toward highlighting the most cutting-edge scientific methods and results while facilitating healthy discussion and debate.

Dr. Giddings gave an invited talk on using numerical models to capture the dynamics of ocean-estuarine interactions. The photo here includes all attendees. Invited speakers who presented on model development and/or application are pictured in the front row, behind the conference Chair and Vice Chair. All other participants presented posters. Angelica’s poster displayed her most recent work on assessing the impact of wave forcing on small river plumes.