Results from adding the new rivers to the domain!

River plumes with a scaling ratio of the guaged:ungauged
This movie loops over the year 2005 showing on the upper panels surface salinity (left), surface temperature (middle), and the surface density graidient (right, i.e., fronts). The bottom panels include the 8-day weighted cummulative winds (see Austin & Barth 2002) in gray (top), and river inputs in blues for different rivers (bottom). The vertical red bar indicates what time is shown in the upper panels. The red arrow on the surface salinity plot shows the instantaneous wind vector from the location marked by the red dot.


This next one is NOT scaled. Note that this looks like the plumes are actually not large enough (relative to Mazzini’s paper from 2014). But note that this run (below) does NOT have watershed scaling (as the one above does), it is just gauged river flow. Scroll down for another movie. enjoy!


this one below has T40final_base_2005_noramp (major rivers) versus newRivers. It is important to note that newRivers is started from an ini file that is NOT already spun up so the first few days should be ignored.