SIO 214a Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (section 944239), Fall 2018 (4 units)

syllabus & course information

Instructor: Sarah Giddings
Class times: 02 Oct*** – 06 Dec 2018, Tu/Th 09:30-10:50

    • *** note that classes start on Thursday, 27 September, however we are NOT having class that day. Rather we will start on 02 October, and make up the missed class within the first couple of weeks.

Problem sessions: Tuesdays 08:00-09:00
Location: Spiess Hall 330
Office hours: Tuesdays 14:30-16:00, MESOM 363, or email me to set up an appointment

course summary:

A survey of classical problems in fluid mechanics and approximate techniques of analysis. Topics include kinematics, conservation equations, laminar flows, stability of laminar flows, and turbulent flow through a series of problem vignettes. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

course schedule (see here for detailed course notes):

* Week 1-2: Introduction, mathematics refresher, kinematics

* Week 2-3: Conservation laws

* Week 4: Bernoulli, hydrostatics, Boussinesq

* Week 4-6: Problem vignettes (Poiseuille-Couette flow, wind driven flow on a lake, lubrication problem, Stokes first and second problems, Blazius boundary layer, etc.)

* Week 6-8: Vorticity, potential flows, flow around bluff bodies, lift/drag

* Week 8-9: Problem vignettes (gravity current, horizontal convection, Raleigh Bernard, instability, etc.)

* Week 10: Conservation of Energy and Hydraulics

* Week 11: Reynolds experiment, turbulence, course review


credit & homework:

Participation in class and problem sessions is critical as I expect you to become proficient at problem solving and intuitive reasoning. While many of the assignments, mini-labs, and participation are not directly graded, a lack of engagement and understanding will be evident during the final oral exam. Grades will be based on homework (not graded but must participate in problem sessions, turn in homework, and make your own corrections, 20%), mid-term (20%), and an oral final exam (60%).

*** please see the course syllabus for expanded information regarding grading as well as expected ethical conduct.


Fluid Mechanics by Kundu & Cohen, Academic Press (3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th edition)
The 5th edition, with one more coauthor Dowling is now available online
Additional optional textbooks:
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, G. K. Batchelor, Cambridge University Press.
Fluid Mechanics, Lev D. Landau and Evgeny M. Lifschitz, 1959, Pergamon Press.
Lectures on Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, R. Salmon, 1998, Oxford University Press.

*** please see the course syllabus for expanded reference options for particular topics.