Summer undergraduate projects!

Sarah Giddingsnews

This summer Alex Makic and Adrian Urrea have been working in the lab as undergraduate researchers.

Alex, from Colorado College, majoring in Physics with an Emphasis in Environmental Science, worked for a month in the lab on helping to analyze drone imagery taken above Los Penasquitos Lagoon and adjacent beaches to examine morphological changes over time as part of a California Division of Boating & Waterways funded project. He returns to college in early August, but has already made excellent progress this summer! In addition to working with us, he also worked with Octavio Aburto’s lab assessing Mangrove habitats in Baja California.

Adrian was part of a team of students who worked with Jeff Crooks and I during the 2018 Spring quarter to develop a bio-sensor. Adrian has continued to work in the lab this summer, further developing the sensor which will measure oyster shell gape to study how they respond to surrounding conditions. He is working to improve the sensor, add components (temperature and heart-rate sensors), finalize its calibration, run a field test, and build more of them!