** Received the Stanford Society of Women Engineers Teaching Excellence Award, 2010

see below for outreach, & service


Instructor UCSD SIO 214A Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Instructor UCSD SIO 209 Introduction to MATLAB

Instructor UCSD SIO 219 Estuarine & Coastal Processes

Instructor UW CEE474 Hydraulics of Sediment Transport, Spring 2013

  • instructor (lectures, in-class demos, website, assignments, exams, grading, etc.) for an undergraduate/graduate environmental engineering sediment transport course
  • topics included a review of open channel flow and boundary layers, initiation of motion, bedload transport, suspended load transport, total load, and bedforms

Instructor CEE262B Transport and Mixing in Surface Water Flows, Winter 2010

  • instructor (lectures, assignments, exams, etc.) for a graduate level environmental fluids course
  • topics included Fickian diffusion, turbulent diffusion, shear-flow dispersin, mixing in rivers, and mixing in estuaries

Instructor CEE364X Data Analysis Methods in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Winter 2007

  • designed the syllabus and organized a new graduate level data analysis methods course which covers a review of statistical methods, filtering, spectral analysis, harmonic analysis, empirical orthogonal functions, nonstationary spectral analysis and several other techniques particular to environmental fluid mechanics
  • presented two lectures covering basic statistics, data despiking, interpolation, filtering, and coordinate rotations

Guest Lectures

Guest Lecture UW OCEAN569 Coastal Oceanography, Spring 2013

  • presentation on coastal modeling to an interdisciplinary student group

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant CEE200A Teaching of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Fall 2008

  • led the self-development portion of this course required for all CEE PhD students
  • prepared and led discussions and assignments aimed at helping first time TAs set teaching goals, obtain constructive feedback, and improve upon their teaching skills

Teaching Assistant CEE262E Lakes & Reservoirs, Spring 2008 & Spring 2009

  • held weekly office hours and graded homework assignments on circulation in lakes and reservoirs
  • helped lead a field class on hydrodynamic sampling in the Kranji Reservoir, Singapore

Teaching Assistant CEE262A Hydrodynamics, Fall 2005 and Fall 2006

  • taught one review lecture a week with notes covering basic hydrodynamic topics including kinematics, conservation laws, scaling, waves, vorticity, and specific solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations
  • held weekly office hours with Stanford and Singapore students (via teleconference)
  • graded homework assignments and maintained the course website


I have participated in a variety of educational outreach programs for K-12 students ranging from one time events to longer term short-course development, just a few of these experiences are listed below. I also was awarded an NSF Ocean Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (starting January 2013) for which I have proposed to spend 20% of my time developing an interactive museum exhibit targeted at introducing underrepresented groups, and groups physically disconnected with the coast to the ocean environment.

  • San Diego Science Expo, March 2015
  • Expanding Your Horizons Conference, March 2015
  • Pier tour and talk for STAY COOL, Feb and March 2015
  • Volunteer for Avanzamos Conference, UCSD, March 2014
  • Volunteer for Discover Science Weekend, Seattle Aquarium, Nov 2012
  • Volunteer for World Ocean Weekend, Seattle Aquarium, June 2011
  • Volunteer for UW Engineering Discovery Days, April 2011, 2012
  • Volunteer for Ocean Inquiry Project, April 2011 – December 2013
  • Expanding your Horizons Conference, March 2006 and 2007
  • Teaching Science Literacy for a Sustainable Society, Spring 2005


  • Panel member for the SDG&E San Diego Watershed Summit, 28 October 2015
  • Panel member for the UW Program on Climate Change Postdoctoral Panel, 23 October 2013
  • Conference Co-Chair for the Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference (EPOC) 2012