beach walk this weekend!

Sarah Giddingsnews


Join us for a beach walk this Saturday, March 5th 3:30pm at Torrey Pines. We will highlight coastal changes we are experiencing during this El Niño season including cliff and beach erosion and drastic changes to the estuaries. We will also introduce the Urban Tides Initiative, a citizen science initiative intended to document coastline change. The walk will start at theTorrey Pines State Reserve South parking lot near the restrooms (directions). From there we will briefly walk south and then head north, passing the mouth of Los Peñasquitos Lagoon and ending near the cliffs north of the lagoon. The walk should take ~1-1.5 hours. Note that a chance of rain and large waves are predicted, so long as it is not pouring, we will do the walk. In the case of very large waves and high water level, we will walk along the roadway rather than the beach. We look forward to seeing you there!

This weekend should be a particularly interesting time to check out the region as it recently experienced a few cliff failures, massive beach erosion, a closed estuary mouth (see above photo), and mechanical breaching of the estuary is expected to occur Friday before our walk. The photo above is from 18 February 2016, shortly after a cobble berm blocked the estuary mouth and the beach access ramp (note the hand rail barely sticking up above the cobbles!).