Environment Blasker Grant – San Diego Foundation

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Giddings’ group received an Environment Blaskar Grant from the San Diego Foundation to examine the response of local lagoons to extreme events through numerical models. The work will be used to consider these system’s response to future change. See the press-release here.

Ignite! talk: What does not kill you makes you stronger (or at least a better scientist), CERF 2013

Sarah Giddingsnews

Check out the exciting Ignite! talks at the 2013 Coastal Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) conference, 1 year ago in San Diego. I was invited to give one of these talks, you can see me at minute 19:40 but it is well worth watching the whole bunch!

[vimeo 87912397 w=500 h=375]

Ignite Session: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger (Or at Least a Better Scientist) from CERF on Vimeo.

Welcome to two new PhD students!

Sarah Giddingsnews

Angelica Gilroy and Madeleine Harvey are recent PhD students joining the lab. They both will be working on local Southern California estuaries and their interactions with the ocean. Gilroy and Harvey have both completed 1 year of coursework at SIO and are actively starting their research projects this summer.

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Sarah Giddingsnews

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Sarah Giddingsnews

After three lovely years as a postoc at the University of Washington, I just moved to San Diego to start an Assistant Professor position at Scripps Institution of Oceanography