Postdoc in estuarine biophysical interactions at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography Center for Coastal Studies is looking for a postdoctoral scholar to work on estuarine dynamics that drive environmental stressors relevant to oysters and other estuarine organisms. We are building oyster biosensors that will be deployed collocated with hydrodynamic sensors in estuarine environments that experience a broad range of environmental stressors (dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, currents, etc.). The postdoctoral researcher will work primarily on estuarine dynamics and the development and breakdown of hypoxic conditions, but also couple these observations to oyster response. The research will focus on conducting field observations, data analysis, and biosensor testing and development.

Qualifications: PhD in coastal oceanography, hydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, or engineering. Focus in estuarine dynamics, biophysical interactions, and/or sensor development a plus. Some prior field experience desired.

Research Advisor: Sarah N Giddingssarahgid at, 858.534.5103 is the lead advisor for this position. The project is in collaboration with Lisa Levin (SIO) and Jeff Crooks (Tijuana National Estuarine Research Reserve).

Funding & timeline: The 2-year postdoctoral position will consist of funding from NOAA. The position can begin as soon as January 2019 and ideally no later than February 2019.

To apply: email Sarah with the subject “Estuarine Biosensor postdoc position” including a cover letter (with a brief summary of your experience and interest in this position as well as preferred start date) and your CV. Also feel free to reach out to Sarah with any questions.